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The Plymouth County Technical Rescue Team is made up of firefighters and public safety members from the 27 towns (29 fire departments) within Plymouth County Massachusetts.  The team consists of approximately 70 members of all ranks and operates with 11 trucks/ trailers placed around the county.  The team assists local fire departments in conducting rescue services in high angle and low angle rope, tower climbing, confined space, trench, scuba dive, swiftwater, structural collapse, and large animal rescues.


 The Beginning, how the PCTRT got its start…

 Board of Directors

2024 Plymouth County Technical Rescue Team Application

Local Chiefs talk with WATD radio about the PCTRT 

Over the past 3 years PCTRT has been activated and responded to assist the communites of Onset, Norwell, Holbrook, Plymouth, Halifax, Rockland, Plympton and Brockton. The team performed rescues in structural collapse emergencies, horse rescues, confined space rescues, entrapments and ropes rescues in addition to over 10 water emergency/ flood water coverage/ dive rescues

 Looks like a busy couple of years!

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Mass State Police Air Wing (helicopter) recently assisted Carver Fire Dept, Carver PD, the Environmental Police, the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department and the SEMLEC Search and Rescue unit in the search for a person lost in the woods, at night, and in freezing temperatures. Below is footage taken by the F.L.I.R. (forward looking infra-red camera) mounted on the helicopter.  Great job by all agencies!!  (press release)


20130221_094026 Ice Dive video

In this video, Senior Rescue School Instructor, LeRoy Harbach, CMC, explains how to pass a knot through a raising system.


Tom Pendley tests the Tandem Prusik Belay


Great Aricle on Tech Rescue’s 15:1 Safety Factor and where it all came from. (click here)

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